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A Message from the President

Ken (ken-ichi) Nakakita Executive President

Company Policy Frontier Spirit

“Frontier Spirit" -this is the policy of Nakakita. Ever since its foundation in 1930 Nakakita has been striving,With Frontier Sprit, to constantly develop fluid control systems with a central focus on valves, aspiring to be a company that can make best proposals to the customers ahead of the needs of the times. We are grateful to our customers, shareholders, employees realizing labor-management acting in one body, and the people of the local community for their understanding and supports that have produced the present Nakakita.
We will continue as ever to strive to maintain transparent and sound management, aiming to be a “company contributing to the society" that is trusted by all of its stakeholders. To establish our sound business model and build internal governance, we have instituted committees of “compliance," “internal audit," “information security,"“safety and health," etc. by inviting experts of the respective fields from the outside, thus seeking a more sound and transparent management system.

Nakakita has been delivering to our customers fluid control systems with a central focus on valves for ships, power plant (thermal, nuclear, combined-cycle, etc.), steel industry, chemical plants, etc. We will continue to exert inexhaustible efforts in maintaining and enhancing more reliable quality management system through, for example, more improved traceability of delivered goods, enhancement of production technology, and passing down and nurturing human skills.
Technological innovations of the present day are evolving at speeds far exceeding those of the common knowledge. We will meet these speeds, develop human capitals, promote R and D of new technologies, install new equipment, renew equipment, promote tie-up and joint development with specialist makers and external institutions, to evolve Nakakita and meet new needs in the field of fluid control systems with a central focus on valves, our core technology.
Our products have been used in various fields over the world. Establishment of proper after-sales-servicing system and network has a particular importance for Nakakita being a company that produces made-to-order products according to the technical specifications given by the respective customers. We will continue to establish and maintain a system that assures longer and more reliable use of our products, through enhancement of our network services, and maintenance and enforcement of our databases of delivered goods.
We will continue to keep management that is reliable in every aspect including technical development with “Frontier Spirit." We cordially request your continued support to Nakakita that constantly seeks potentials of the next generation technologies on the basis of its highly transparent and sound management.