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Gas turbine power plant(Automatic control valve)

What is Gas turbine power plant?

This is a generating equipment which applies the energy of the high temperature gas to turbine blades, changes to rotation energy. To generate high temperature gas, it needs compressed high pressure air and fuel gas to a burner. As for the gas turbine, automatic driving is a premise, higher efficiency and high power are advanced in recent years, and the high level engineering ability is desired of valve manufacturer.

Valves which are representatives used for Gas turbine plant

[Fuel gas(oil) flow control valve / pressure control valve]

They are one of core valves for Gas turbine and they control the fuel supplied to a gas turbine. It has tight shut-off ability and wide range control which flow rate is at the time of gas turbine ignition to 100% load operation.
This valve was operated by E/H servo control system and high response and a highly precise movement is performed.

[Pure water control valve sfor NOx control]

To reduce NOx in exhaust gas, this valve supplies pure water to the gas turbine. And also highly precise movement is performed.

[Fuel oil stop valve]

The valve from which fuel oil is insulated at the nozzle inlet side. 16-20 valve bodies (same number as the nozzle) are made the structure operated by 1 actuator.

[Fuel gas(oil) nozzle sweep supply/vent valve]

The valve supplies to a nozzle with high temperature air for stuff prevention of fuel nozzles. Valves have actuator parts which are designed so that an escape valve might move sequentially.

[Fuel gas temperature control valve]

This is the valve which makes suitable temperature fuel gas by mixing heated gas and low temperature gas.

[Compressor bleed valve(high/middle/low pressure)]

In order to stop the compressor for safety, these valves open and discharge large-volume high temperature air to the atmosphere when gas turbine stops.

[Lube oil pressure regulating valve]

The valve controls pressure of lube oil which supplied to bearing seal part or auxiliary equipment. And this is operated by self-actuation and high response.

[Lube oil temperature control valve]

The valve controls pressure of lube oil.