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Business Activities

As a general maker of fluid control system, for Ships(in Engine room, Ballast line, Cargo line), for Plant(power plant and etc.), Nakakita produce and sale various control valves, butterfly valve, Valve Remote Control system.

Plant / Ship Use Kind of product
For Plant ・Power Plant
・Steel Works
・Desalination Plant
・and etc.
・Control / Shut-off Valve
・Butterfly Valve
For Ship ・Cargo line
・Ballast line
・Butterfly Valve
・Valve Remote Control System
・Level Gauging System
・In Engine Room ・Control / Shut-off Valve

Our products are classified roughly in 3 kinds as follows.

Product Summary
Control / Shut-off Valve ・Self Operated Type Regulating Valve
・Auxiliary Power Operated Type Control Valve
・Remotely Operated Valve
・Cylinder Valve
・Safety Valve
・Pneumatic Operated Automatic Controller
・Pneumatic Operated Actuator
・Valve for Nuclear Power Plant
・Instllations of Pressure Reducing & DesuperheaterOther Automatic Control Valves and Equipment with Special Specifications
Butterfly Valve ・Manual Operated Butterfly Valve
・Remote Control Butterfly Valve
・Cryogenic Type Butterfly Valve(for LNG)
Valve Remote Control System ・Valve Remote Control System for Cargo & Ballast Line
 Level Gauging System